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We provide psychological counseling services to Victims of Crime and eligible family members.
We provide these services at no cost to the Victim and Family Members through a State of California
program. Advocates assisting with the application process may be found at all Superior Court District Attorney
offices “Victims Witness Advocate Program” or online applications may also be obtained and submitted.
To be eligible, the crime must have had a psychological impact upon the victim either as a one time incident
or over a period of time. The crime must have been reported to a law enforcement agency, such as Police,
Sheriff, etc. DCFS reports also qualify after investigation is completed.
Examples of crime under this program are child sexual molestation, child physical abuse, sexual assault, car
jacking, gun shooting, spouse battery (DV), child abduction, hit and run drunk driver victim, hate crimes.
We offer D/V classes as well as Parenting, either Individual or Group.
Let us be the “link” in assisting you with your case load.
Our office! are located in Torrance

We do not have geographic limitations and due to flexible .use of professional staff, we do not have a waiting
list. We provide psychotherapy in Spanish and English .Home therapy, is available when transportation is an
issue. We also provide Telehealth, available when requested only by the victim.
Please feel free to contact Deborah our Clinical Administrator to discuss our program.

Fax line : (310)534-1671
Message line 24/7: (310) 534-7300
Administrator cell: (310) 890-9380


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