23314 Crenshaw Blvd. #7
Torrance, CA (90505)
(310) 534-7300
We provide court ordered services to Victims of Crime and eligible family members
We provide these services at no cost jfa police report, sustained petition, detention minute order,
current court report, when available is submitted to our mental health professionals at the time of
referral. Our email address above, as well as fax line: (310) 534-1671, to be up by mid month.
For those of you whom have had the pleasure of working with Nikki Duesterberg, LMFT, PsyD
candidate, she is BACK! Her modules, approved by DCFS on Domestic Violence and Parenting are
the very best in the field-allowing no time for victims to do anything but comply, thus, being able in
6 month’s to have all mandates completed, and thus allowing you the availability of closing these
cases, being assured the closed link will be able to stay closed, allowing you to complete what your
work has been assigned to do. This is a promise in excellence, derived through years of teaching as
well as with hundreds of victims whom have successfully completed our courses.
TRO’s are required to become permanent, but may be used for the application process. A further step
is required, following with Permanent Order’s. Although, a TRO is still an eligibility to apply for
free services, along with police reports. Individual counseling; domestic violence training and classes in
parenting are on-going.
Children over the age of four years are eligible. We excel in large families.
Please have your referrals get all the pertinent information gathered, I.D’s, MediCal cards, etc., for
application intakes, generally done at the Torrance location.
Victims Witness Advocates are also available for the VOC Application process located at most all courts.
As you know the busy season is soon upon us, so let us get your referrals, while there is still room
to assist as many as possible
We offer services at the above address, Telehealth, as well as home services for larger families.
Spanish speakers are eligible for green cards once the VOC Application is approved, and remain
protected as long as victims are receiving services. Attorneys are available for referrals to assist in
Immigration issues. Relocation victims are eligible for up to $2,ooo in moving/relocation fees.
Our success rate depends on your referrals. We are a small concern, yet able to supply all the necessary
services by qualified licensed Mental Health Specialists, with years of experience under their belt.
We supply all necessary court documentation for the completion and or updated victims assessment(s).
Please be so kind when sending the pertinent documentation, to include your professional card as well.
We wait anxiously for your responses!
DAZ FOUNDATION 23314 Crenshaw Blvd. #7
drmac777@aol.com Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 890-9380 cell
(310) 534-7300 message
Corporate offices:
578 Washington Blvd. #815
Marina Del Rey, CA (90292)
Ellen Kimmel LCS 11387